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Burkinis Can No Longer Be Banned in Hotel and Resorts Across Egypt

Following a recent wave of controversy on social media and local talk shows, the Egyptian Tourism Federation has officially announced that burkinis are allowed in all of Egypt’s hotels and resorts.

Maybe you heard about it on an Egyptian talk show, or maybe you had a heated debate with your uncle on Facebook about it. Either way, everyone this past week has been discussing that incident in a North Coast resort, when a woman was denied access to the pool because she was wearing a burkini. The virial video showed the guards as they told her to go to the beach instead if she wanted to continue wearing the burkini.

While public opinion clashed, the Egyptian Tourism Federation took a stand and announced that burkinis are, in fact, permitted across all resorts and hotels. All hotels have been issued a leaflet stating that they cannot ban anyone from wearing them. The federation also urges anyone who faced any sort of objection because of their burkini to file an official complaint to the respective hotel or resort as soon as they can.