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ChillOut Above the Red Sea Waves for a Four-Day Sea Safari

Treat yourself to swimming, snorkelling, and sun-kissing by the Sinai Peninsula.ChillOut Above the Red Sea Waves for a Four-Day Sea Safari

Locked between four nations just east of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba is a popular diving destination, with thousands of tourists plunging its depths to see its vibrant coral reefs and bustling sealife. For most travellers to Egypt, the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh is a rich enough starting point to explore the gulf. But when you sign up for this trip with Egyptian travel agency ChillOut, you’ll set sail on their cosy, air-conditioned liveaboard for four days of high seas adventure to witness the gulf’s natural wonders.

ChillOut’s trip begins in Cairo, where a private bus will take you to Sharm El Sheikh. From Sharm El Sheikh’s Travco Marina, the liveaboard will take you northwards to Gabr El Bent, an infrequently visited dive spot. Due to its lesser known nature, its reefs rest undisturbed, allowing them to maintain their pristine lusture. The day after, the ship will continue towards Abu Galoum, where vacationers can marvel at the sunset over the mountains of South Sinai, and then have Bedouin tea by the campfire at the Blue Lagoon camp.

Up next is Tiran Island - although the island itself is governed by Saudi Arabia, you’ll be able to dive Egyptian waters to see the corals of Tiran up close. On the final day of the trip, you’ll go diving at Ras Mohamed at the extreme southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, before returning to Travco Marina to catch the private bus back to Cairo.

The trip runs from September 15th to September 18th. The initial ticket price of EGP 8,250, or about $525, includes transportation between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, onboard accommodation, all meals and beverages, a certified rescue and snorkeling guide, and a professional first aid kit. The price excludes an introduction to scuba diving, at EGP 500 (or nearly USD 32) per dive. To sign on before they sell out, contact ChillOut on their Instagram @chillout.egypt before Monday, September 6th.

All visitors entering Egypt, including nationals, must be in possession of a negative PCR test taken at a maximum of 72 hours before their flights.