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This New Sahel Compound has a Crystal Clear Swimmable Lagoon - and You Can Have Your Own Beach

CityStars Al Sahel is launching now and we're already blown away by what this resort is promising.

Staying in Sahel is much like being on monkey bars, we hang on to both - full force. The floor is lava AND SO IS CAIRO. In Sahel, the rules of staying put just don’t apply and we find ourselves hopping from one friend’s house to the next, in different compounds along the coast. We’ve searched high and low and finally found a place where we would want to stay stationary. 

With cutting-edge building designs, CityStars Al Sahel is a picturesque resort set to launch now and it will probably rapidly ascend to Coolest Compound on the Coast Status. ARCO DEVELOPMENTS are the moguls behind the newest addition to the North Coast. They've been in the real estate game since 2005, building lavish, vibrant, self-sustainable developments across Egypt, most notably La Fontaine (New Cairo), Dyar (New Cairo), Royal Meadows (El Sheikh Zayed), Le Reve (Kattameya) and Lavande, 6th of October – we’ve seen what ARCO can deliver.

This new compound is set to have everything from private beaches, to cycling lanes, to a water park. Their homes range from sprawling villas to sleek apartments, housed on either a peninsula, quay or creek, and word has it they'll even have four hotels inside the compound. Basically, this resort promises the very best of the North Coast good life and here are six reasons why. 

1. The sea looks like the Bahamas because location, location, location.
Over the past 15 years, Sahelites are moving more and more towards the West because the closer you get to Marsa Matrouh, the more the sea begins to look like an actual 1999 screensaver. And while we know Sahel's waters are always gorgeous, all the way across the coast, they're also turbulent wave monsters who try to tear off your swimsuit every time you swim - but the more West you go, the calmer the water is. CityStars El Sahel is located almost as West as you can go without hitting Marsa Matrouh. And that's where everyone wants to be right now. 

2. The Wharf
Wherever we end up staying we waste our afternoons queuing at the gates of other compounds, and once we’re finally on the beach, we waste MORE time dragging our feet through the sand with our ice boxes while struggling to wave back at everyone we know – all of course in an attempt to find an empty spot. Which you won't find. Fancy owning your own beach, an entire spot all to yourself? As though inspired by Venice, CityStars Al Sahel built houses right on sandy, crystal-clear lagoons, so yes, you basically get your own PRIVATE beach. You'll be able to open your doors, step out into your gardens, onto the sand, and jump into the water. And from there you can swim to the lighthouse marina - or to your neighbours.

4. Hotels, nurseries, and housekeeping - hallelujah.
Want to have your friends over at your house but it's already overflowing with people because Tant Shahira and her kids are staying with you this weekend? You don’t have to worry about where they’ll be staying because you have Fairmont and Swissotel, two world-class five star hotel chains offering accommodation within the resort.

Plus the compound has an in-house nursery where you can drop your kids off whenever you need your adults-only peace. Imagine not having to worry about the kids for a few hours - and also not having to clean your house. Yep, you can just call in the housekeeping and enjoy your tanning on the sugary sand with a cool cocktail. 

5. You never actually need to step out of the resort.
There is something to be said for the terror that fills our mind when we realise we’ve forgotten our swimming suits the moment we arrive in Sahel. Luckily, there’s an entire shopping mall set to be in CityStars compound to save us from spending the weekend walking around the beach in jeans.

Aside from the shopping mall, you have cinemas, restaurants, kid zones, lagoons, themed swimming pools, PLUS nightlife; why would you ever need to leave this piece of heaven? Whether you want a quiet stroll down the dazzling marina walkway or feel the need to get your 'sahel forma' on by going for a jog, the pedestrian promenades will satisfy both.

This resort has an AQUA-PARK. Yes, you heard me, an aqua-park. We haven't seen a proper water-park in Egypt, since, well, ever. With thrilling-family rides and insane water slides spread out across 22 carefully tended acres, this aqua park will satisfy any adrenaline junkie.

If you’re still in for more fun and maybe some ‘exercise,’ we’re sure you’ll love the wide array of watersports activities available. Alternatively, you could hit the gym at the clubhouse - somewhere we're sure Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, ARCO's Brand Ambassador, will enjoy - or, if you're as lazy as we are, you could simply relax in the spa. Too good to be true? Hold up. The beach lounges at City Stars Al Sahel will be hosting parties - day and night, so be prepared for exquisite drinks and fruity mojitos!