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Dubai-Born Hotel Brand TIME to Open in Nuweiba & Sahel

TIME Hotels, an Emirati luxury hotel chain, will open two new branches along Egypt's two coastlines: TIME Coral Resort Nuweiba in Sinai, and TIME Marina Hotel & Conference Centre in Al Alamein.

Luxury Emirati hotel chain TIME Hotels have announced their entry into Egypt with not one, but two sexy destination hotels.

The hotel chain has made quite the name for itself thanks to its branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Dammam, and Doha. Its Egyptian locations will bring the same air of class along the Red Sea and the Mediterreanean.

TIME Coral Resort Nuweiba in Sinai will house 203 five-star rooms, three restaurants and bars, extensive garden spaces, and its own private beach. TIME Marina Hotel & Conference Centre in Al Alamein (aka Sahel) will be a four-star hotel with a 130 room capacity, rooftop lounge, a restaurant, cafe, gym and pool.

The hotel chain has a hefty number of awards under its belt from the likes of the World Luxury Awards, TripAdvisor, and, as well as a World Luxury Restaurant award for their eateries.