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Dubai's Museum of the Future Opens Their Doors to the Next Century

The future is here, and it’s been encapsulated in a 78-metre tall building engraved with larger-than-life Arabic calligraphy by none other than the connoisseurs of all things luxury and grandeur, Duba

Ever wondered what life will be like in the future? Most museums are records of the past, but Dubai’s long-anticipated Museum of the Future looks ahead into the next century, using technology to simulate what the future may hold for space travel, nature, the way we build our cities and industries, and how we take care of ourselves. The Museum of the Future has finally opened, giving visitors access to seven floors of immersive experiences, each designed like a futuristic film set.

In one exciting space-themed showcase, the “New Moon” exhibition takes viewers on a journey that shows them how the moon’s energy could potentially be harnessed as a source of renewable energy for the entire planet in 2071. Or, if you ever wanted to know what spirituality could look like 50 years from now, “The Centre” lets visitors experience the restorative effects of movement, water, and meditation by submerging them in frequencies and vibrations that will rebalance their electromagnetic fields.

Aside from all the unique experiences it has to offer, the Museum of the Future has been praised as both visually and architecturally stunning. Engraved with larger-than-life Arabic calligraphy across a massive 78-metre tall building, the Museum of the Future has been named as one of the top 14 beautiful museums in the world by National Geographic in July 2021.