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Egypt Unveils Major Attraction for Their Showcase at Expo 2020 Dubai

In preparation for what may be the biggest World’s Fair ever, Egypt has unveiled one of the centerpieces of their pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

If you're going to Expo 2020 in Dubai - which will quite possibly be the biggest World Fair ever - you're going to have to bring your A-game. We're talking about the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1889. We're talking about the Magic Fountain in Barcelona in 1929. We're talking about the Space Needle in Seattle in 1962. The big stuff, the 'wow' factor, the strictly metaphorical fireworks. Egypt is on their way to Dubai's own World Fair starting October 1st after a whole year's delay, and they're bringing some of the country's most treasured pieces to their pavilion. And just recently, they've shown off one of the major components of their showcase: one of the 210 perfectly preserved sarcophagi that were discovered in Saqqara and rocked the world in 2020.

Unearthed during an archaeological mission by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, the coloured wooden coffin displays the likeness of several ancient Egyptian deities, including Nut, the goddess of the sky, and Anubis, the god of death.

The sarcophagus will be joined at the pavilion by a large number of replicas that were created by Egypt's first antiquities replica factory. The pavilion will also display promotional images and films of Egyptian tourist destinations and resorts, as well as offer an inside look at the highly-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum. Throughout the next six months of Expo 2020, until the end of March 2022, the Egyptian pavilion will include 103 activities, such as workshops, discussion panels and cultural salons that cover topics like urban development, agriculture, healthcare, and rising standards of living.