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Egypt to Create Two Artificial Coral Reefs by Sinking Old Equipment

Egyptian authorities will be sinking old equipment near Magawish Island in Hurghada to create two new artificial reefs in the Red Sea for divers.

There's only two times in life when you're allowed to cheer for something that's getting sunk: when you're winning a game of Battleship, and when old equipment is sunk in order to create new artificial coral reefs. Which is exactly what Egyptian authorities are doing at two spots near Magawish Island in Hurghada.

With six to nine million dives taking place throughout our glittering Red Sea each year, it can be difficult to keep our reefs protected from destruction and de-population. These new reefs will remove some of the pressure off of current diving areas and collect remnants of destroyed reefs in order to re-cultivate them and get them bustling again. The project is part of a larger tourism conservation plan to develop tourism through the use of our beaches and islands.

There are already plans for a third site, which will be just in-front of the beaches of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries just north of Hurghada, so that the institute can closely monitor the reefs’ progress and growth.