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Egyptian Explorer Galal Zekry-Chatila Sets Out to Climb Kilimanjaro For a Good Cause

The 22-year-old traveller aims to conquer Africa's highest mountain in six days in a bid to raise funds to help Egypt's most deprived.

He rose to the spotlight after cycling 7,000 kilometres solo, he was one of CairoScene’s 15 Influences of 2015, and he’s spent the past five years reaching the peaks of mountains in Sinai, North Africa, and the Alps. This month, Galal Zekry-Chatila gears up to challenge himself once more on a mission that will see him reach the top of Africa for a good cause.

The adventurer aims to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the 6,000-metre 'Top of Africa' in Tanzania, in six days in a bid to raise funds to help non-profit organisations and charities, including Healthy Egyptians, the social enterprise that rose to fame when its founder Mohamed Zaazoue was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30.

“I’ve been climbing mountains for my birthdays for the past five years. It’s a way to reflect on myself and my previous year, to challenge my limits, and think of what I’ve done in the previous years,” says Zekry-Chatila, who celebrated his 21st birthday climbing Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

“In many countries abroad there is this culture of raising awareness through outdoor activities, and I’m really fond of this idea. I not only want to help people think differently but also have some form of impact,” he explains.  “I also wanted to start my year with a nice cause.”

Having paused his restless outdoor activities for a year, the expedition has particular significance for the adventurer, who takes this it as his return “back on track.” “We will engage the audience to reach our funding goal before I reach the top of the mountain,” he says, “so we can scream from the top of Africa that we managed to complete the campaign.” Expecting to kick off on July 22nd, Zekry-Chatilla plans to complete the mission by July 28th at sunrise.