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Egyptian Textile Museum to Be Relocated Following Outcry Over Temporary Closure

Following a controversy surrounding the temporary closure of the Egyptian Textile Museum during its renovations, its collection will be temporarily housed at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Ever since its establishment at the historic Al Muiz street in February 2010, the Egyptian Textile Museum has been an underrated part of every history buff's itinerary. Built out of the 1820 sabil of Muhammad Ali Pasha, an extravagant public fountain decorated with Ottoman calligraphic panels and gilded window grilles, the museum charmed visitors with its collection of fabrics, clothes and weaving tools throughout Egyptian history. But controversy soon broke out when visiting hours had been reduced, followed by a temporary closure of the classic site. Was this historic backdrop going to be abandoned, all so that the artefacts can be kept at the comparatively modern National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat?

The display's temporary move to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation turned out to be a rescue mission. In response to the controversy, a clarification was released explaining that the construction of the sabil that housed the Egyptian Textile Museum had deteriorated over time. These damages put the museum's 11 halls of over 1,000 rare textiles - which had been collected from the age of the Pharaohs through the Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras - in great danger, including the kiswa cloth that had been made to cover the Kaaba in Mecca.

These items will be displayed at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, where they will be open to visitors until repairs of the Egyptian Textile Museum at Al Muiz have been completed.