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Epic Timelapse Video Shows How Magical Egypt Can Be At Night

Away from city lights and bustling crowds, a whole different version of nightlife, captured by Rami Ibrahim, unfolds across Egypt's most remote spots...

From starry skies piercing Fayoum’s dark night, to shooting stars racing over Nweiba’s straw huts; from the hidden valleys of Saint Catherine to the White Desert’s formations under the clouds and the twinkling fishermen boats in Marsa Alam; this timelapse video crafts dazzling visuals of Egypt’s remote places at night.   

The visuals were captured and edited by Rami Ibrahim, a Cairo-based architect who discovered a deep passion for photography after a trip to Nubia in 2015. The artist, who shares his lust for Egypt’s diverse landscape and cultures through his page, Scenery Zone, combines nighttime and astro timelapses from different settings across Egypt, “in search of serenity and hidden gems,” as he puts it.  

A chance to get lost among the shooting stars, the clouds, the twilight colors and the incipient waves of Ras Shitan, this video portray’s Egypt’s nightly scene as magically as it could ever be portrayed.