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Everything Egyptians Need to Know About Getting to Russia 2018 World Cup

Visa, flights, accommodation, even match tickets, we've got it all figured out.


Today, Egyptians rolled out of bed with huge smiles, light hearts, and strained vocal chords. And why wouldn't they? In case you've spent your night literally under a rock in a god forsaken desert, you would know that last night was truly one of a kind; Egypt is finally going to the World Cup!

With this being the first time in almost three decades that Egypt gets to express its football dominance on a global level, such an achievement is definitely a worthy cause for celebration. It's also a cause for some serious planning if we're ever to catch up with our football heroes in Russia. Here's your guide on how to do just that:


Luckily, Russia's visa procedures aren't all that complicated for Egyptians. In fact, you don't even need a visa to go to Russia during the World Cup if you have a registered FIFA 2018 ticket, valid passport, and a fan ID card. The latter you could get by applying here.


With inflation and all, we're getting used to paying EGP10K+ on the cheapest long-haul flights we could find. Factoring that in helps us truly appreciate the fact that flights from Cairo to Russia could cost as little as EGP3750. That is, of course, if you don't put off booking until the last minute.

Match Tickets

There are three options when it comes to tickets; individual match tickets; venue-specific tickets; and team-specific tickets. Buying a ticket to all of Egypt's matches in the competition will set you back a figure somewhere between EGP6000 and a staggering EGP12000 for the highest category. A tad hefty but it's all worth it. Apply for tickets here.


It only took a simple google search to pleasantly find out that you can stay in Moscow for almost as much as you'd pay for a, let's say, hotel room in Dahab. With numerous hotels and hostels scattered around the capital, you could get a bed for as cheap as EGP60/night. That number was correct. It's key that you book early enough, though; half the world is going to want that hostel bed soon.

Cost of Living

Another cause for celebration is how affordable things are in Russia. With an exchange rate that leaves the Egyptian pound at 3 times the value of the Russian ruble, food and transportation don't cost anymore than they would cost in Egypt. Just to give you an idea, a Big Mac costs the equivalent of EGP36, which is close to pre-inflation prices in Egypt.

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