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Experience Nefertari's Tomb in VR

You can explore the gorgeous tomb of Nefertari in full virtual reality through the Around Egypt app.

Around Egypt, an app which offers 360-degree virtual reality tours, has just opened the doors to Nefertari’s Tomb, adding to the long list of ancient sights you can explore on the app. Often referred to as ‘Egypt’s Sistine Chapel’, Nefertari’s Tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Queens in 1904, and features an astronomical ceiling covered in golden stars amidst a deep-blue backdrop, and walls with colourful paintings that depict everyday scenes of the queen’s life and instructions on how to proceed in the afterlife.

Visits to the tomb were often restricted throughout the past century due to the fragility of the paintings within. But through this app, you’ll be able to witness the queen’s resting place with no danger of harming its precious artefacts.

The Around Egypt app launched amidst the first wave of the pandemic in April 2020 to help promote tourism in Egypt, while giving stay-at-homers the opportunity to witness its ancient treasures.