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Experience Siwa’s Ethereal Lakes with Gazef

In our second edition of our #exploreEgypt series, we invite you to explore the hidden gems and beauty of the Siwa Oasis with local travel company Gazef.

In our second edition of our brand new series inviting you to #ExploreEGYPT, we’re shedding a spotlight on one of Egypt’s most magical destinations: the Siwa Oasis. We want you to know about this upcoming trip that will run from October 29th to November 1st, courtesy of local travel company Gazef.

Nestled between the Qattara depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western desert, the Siwa Oasis once served as the home to an Oracle of Amun, and these days it has developed its own unique, isolated desert culture, where residents speak in a Siwi dialect that won't take long to get used to. Most recently, the Siwa Oasis has served as an unreal spot for many an Instagram photoshoot - almost all of which come with comments by shocked followers who absolutely cannot believe that those clear, transparent waters haven't been Photoshopped.

The 4-day and 3-night trip will give you the opportunity to swim in the waters of the Arayes spring, witness the sun setting over the hills at Fitnas Island, and float on Siwa’s ultimate treasure - the ethereal Salt Lakes. The first and last night will be spent in a charming eco-lodge called 'Talist Siwa'. The trip also offers a desert safari led by professional drivers, right before a sand boarding session (it's exactly what it sounds like) with a night spent camping under the stars. You can also visit Shali castle at the Mountain of the Dead, featuring rock tombs and intricate wall paintings, before venturing into the ancient temple of the Oracle of Amun. Then, you can visit Siwa’s most well-known natural spring, Ain Cleopatra, before watching the sunset at Taghaghin Island.

The price is EGP 4,900 per person including accommodation, transportation (both to and from Cairo, and within the trip itself), meals, and all the aforementioned excursions. Booking is available at