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Find Yorescape to Egypt's Ancient Sites Without Leaving Your Home

Yorescape, a global app by virtual tourism company Flyover Zone, allows you to explore 3D reconstructions of ancient sites - and then turn back the clock to witness them as they once were.

A lot of people haven’t really paid attention to virtual tourism until 2020 struck, and with the rise of pandemic-induced restrictions and lockdowns came the call of our irrepressible wanderlust. Suddenly, virtual tourism looked pretty cool. And while those restrictions have been scaled back for many, others still have their own reasons why they may not be able to travel. For those who want to visit Egypt’s own sites, Yorescape - a global app by virtual tourism company Flyover Zone - is providing that opportunity to not just see the ancient temples, but to experience them at the height of their glory.

Through full-fledged virtual tours accompanied by narration explaining the history of these monumental spaces, Yorsescape allows you to visit the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut in Aswan and then stroll through the Temple of Ramses VI in Luxor, along with a number of destinations in Rome, Greece and Lebanon. These 3D reconstructions of present-day sites are not only utterly immersive, they all come with a ‘Time Warp’ option, allowing you to basically go back in time and view a reconstruction based on meticulous archaeological research.

Yorescape offers the option to travel to these sites solo or as part of a group, and sell three different kinds of subscriptions: a free subscription that comes with ads, a USD 12 annual subscription that removes the ads, and an Enterprise License for use in schools, libraries and commercial institutions. While support for virtual reality devices are planned to go online later in 2022, you can currently use Yorescape by downloading the app on iOS and Android, or through the web browser on your computer.