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Gom3a's Identity Revealed: The GoBus Summer Companion Making Your Travel Wishes Come True

We’re ready to set you up with the friendliest, most trustworthy, punctual and not to mention fit traveler.

Recently, a fella by the name of Gom3a has been the talk of the town. We were all curious what all the hype was about. Who’s Gom3a? Why was he coming 'next Friday'? And why can’t we be as fabulously pun-tastic as he is? See, Gom3a is not merely our favourite day of the week or the best place to get chili-cheese fries. Gom3a is the genie in the bottle we’ve all been waiting for, ready to grant our travel wishes as we make them. Gom3a will be your guide, your reliable booking agent, your travel buddy ready with snacks and all, and your seaside superhero (if the seaside is where you're heading to), transporting you from your boring, routine life in Cairo to over 25 different destinations in Egypt. Ento bas te2oolo Gom3a and he’ll be right at your doorstep, preparing you for your next trip with GoBus. 

Gom3a, who we're now thinking is GoBus' alter-ego, is so good at his job, he knows what kind of traveller you are to customise his service to you. Families who travel at 6 AM have different needs to the business traveller of 8 PM, and they both have differ to those of the rowdy party-goers of the early AM. And Gom3a knows that pretty well.  

With the help of Gom3a, GoBus is launching an exciting summer campaign this Sahel season to promote travel, adventure, and overcoming your biggest fears. GoBus is the first Egyptian private sector company, working in public transport since 1998, and they're more than ready to make more strides in travel this summer with an easy booking process and a plethora of destinations you can choose from. Not to mention an actually punctual bus schedule that runs around the clock. Still up for that adventure with Gom3a? 

Check out GoBus' website, hotline 19567, and their app GoBus to book your trip.

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