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Indulge in Therapeutic Traditions at Qatar's Zulal Wellness Resort

A mere one hour drive from Doha’s city centre and into Qatar’s golden dunes, you will find Zulal Wellness Resort, an oasis of tranquillity and healing using traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine.

If you’re even remotely a fan of football then you’ve surely been keeping up with Qatar, a small nation jutting out of the eastern coast of the Arab Peninsula. Qatar has made headlines around the globe when it was chosen as the host nation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

While some people may wonder what it is that makes this country - a little-known and little-understood state tucked in a jagged corner of the Middle East - qualified for such a prestigious international event, others recognise that beyond its sports stadiums there is tradition and comfort to be found. One such site is located just beyond the borders of the capital, a mere one hour drive from Doha’s city centre and into Qatar’s golden dunes. It is there that you will find Zulal Wellness Resort, an oasis of tranquillity and healing.

With a focus on traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine, Zulal Wellness Resort can be found on Qatar’s northern coast, and offers a wealth of wellness options for single adults and whole families alike. Anyone over the age of 16 can come alone to indulge in their Zulal Serenity treatment, allowing them to insulate from the world and embark on a path of reflection towards the much-coveted reset button of the soul. Massages, fitness and yoga classes, beauty treatments and energy-based therapies will help guide you along the way, punctuated by activities such as cooking classes, workouts at the massive indoor pool, and nature walks by the beach.

For families and groups, there is the Zulal Discovery option designed to create tighter bonds amongst the pack, which shares many activities as the Serenity option, while others are tailored towards certain age groups. Children aged four and below will be well taken care of at Zulal Nurture Kinder, a daycare that focuses on creativity and healthy habits. Children aged four to eight years old will enjoy similar stimulation at the Zulal Explore Junior Retreat with artistic activities on offer. Nine to 12 year olds can get more active at Zulal Adventure Teen Retreat with dance classes and similar activities to help their self-esteem and ability to form social connections, while teenagers up to 17 years old can go on wilder adventures that include kayaking and stand-up paddle.

Even the rooms for these treatment paths are designed differently, tailored to the needs of its guests. The Serenity rooms are designed with clean lines and calming tones, with a view of the dunes and lagoon - allowing you to isolate yourself with nature and focus on your own healing journey. Meanwhile the Discovery rooms are designed for families, with Qatari motifs and a natural view from every window. Their soothing tones will give you a good chance to engage with one another, speaking and listening in equal measure.

Prices start at QAR 2675 for the Discovery full retreat, and QAR 2,853 for a minimum of three nights for the Serenity route. You can book through their website at