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Inside Out: Egypt’s First Wellness Retreat by Doctors Sails to Sinai

Over four days of group therapy, osteopathic sessions, meditation workshops and yoga, participants will unwind, heal spiritually and physically with the goal of unraveling a newfound sense of self.

There was once a time when wellness and medicine were two disparate practices, at odds and at war with each other. Nowadays, though, the two walk hand in hand, bonded by a mutual goal.

It’s this sentiment that sits at the heart of ‘Inside Out’, the first and only retreat in Egypt and the Middle East to be organised and curated by doctors. As the name suggests, the retreat aims to heal body and soul through everything from yoga to heal physical pain, to psychological counseling and even nutrition. Adopting a holistic approach supported by years of medical experience, the four-day retreat couldn’t have picked a better location than the idyllic Basata Eco-lodge in South Sinai - a perfect and tranquil escape from the concrete city life.

A cosy coastal enclave surrounded by infinite stretches of beach and framed by majestic mountains, Basata offers an immersive experience in nature that helps visitors revisit the basics of life. This serene environment serves as the perfect backdrop for a programme that includes group therapy, osteopathic sessions, meditation workshops and more. For Dr. Mai El Shafie, one of the people behind the retreat and an osteopath and manual psychotherapist, ‘Inside Out’ has been long overdue, as we come to accept more and more that psychological wellbeing is intrinsically tied with our psychical health “From my clinical experience, I find that a lot of physical pain is related to psychological stress somehow,” El Shafie explains to #SceneTraveller. “But by making small lifestyle modifications and following advice to manage stress, we can see significant improvement. That inspired me to heighten the community’s awareness of the connection between a stressful lifestyle and physical pain. Increasing awareness can prevent unnecessary problems in every area of health.”

El Shafie is joined by a cast of like-minded doctors, all of whom have brought their own specialisations and expertise to the table. Dr. Shaimaa Abdelnazim is an internationally certified psychiatrist and ‘positive discipline’ educator who will offer participants specific tools to release negative emotions and tackle stress. Dr. Hanan Karm brings her passion for nutritional science in setting specific nutrition plans that attendees can take home with them. Tying the holistic experience together is certified yoga instructor from Goa, India, May Hassaballa, who will guide participants through vinyanasana, hatha yoga, yin yoga and air yoga.

The retreat will take place from November 17th to 20th at a cost of EGP 6,950 for three nights in double or triple rooms. This includes breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks and transportation to and from Cairo by bus.