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Koree Films’ Newest Project Showcases Egypt’s Natural Splendours

‘Egyptscapes’ is Koree Films’ newest video project showcasing the country’s mesmerizing White Desert.

In 2012, Egypt stood at a turning point in its history, as the broken promise of new beginnings left us feeling lost. For one Egyptian, Abdel Rahman Gabr (who also comes from Korean heritage) the images being beamed out to the world and the fake news circulated didn’t sit well with him - and so he started a project out of his passion for photography: Egypt HD.

“During that time there were a lot of bad vibes and negative media portrayals of our country, and I wanted to show the different side of Egypt  - even to  other Egyptians,” he told #SceneTraveller. “The best and cheapest way to accomplish that was via time-lapse.” The video went viral and Gabr received messages from across the world expressing, not just the beauty of his work, but the longing for Egypt to return to its former glory.

Fast forward nine years later and Gabr is a Sony Ambassador and accomplished figure in photography and filmmaking. Hoping to bring things full circle nearly a decade later, his latest time-lapse project, ‘Egyptscapes’ also showcases Egypt’s hidden gems.

Teaming up with Citroen Egypt, Gabr took to the desert for four nights to capture the beautiful natural landscapes of the White Desert and the Milky Way. One sequence of the night’s sky uses eight hours of footage, and is edited into just 10 seconds of video. “It’s a very hard operation but in the end, it's rewarding. Especially when I’m in the desert in July and August which is the best time to shoot the milky way.”

The final project is still yet to be completed, but with three months of work behind him, Gabr hopes to finish it by March 2022.