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Luxor Hotels to Show Avenue of Sphinxes Ceremony on Massive Screens

On Thursday, November 25th, the grand reopening of the Avenue of Sphinxes will come with a ceremony based on an ancient Egyptian festival, which will be displayed across many of Luxor's hotels.

Between plans to create more accessible routes to the governorate and establish hospitals to serve as centres of medical tourism, Luxor is quietly undergoing a sort of touristic renaissance, one which hopes to take full advantage of the growing surge of travellers into Egypt this winter. On Thursday, November 25th, Luxor's touristic ambitions will reach an indisputable crescendo with the grand reopening of the Avenue of Sphinxes, and the spectacular ceremony that is due to accompany it. And to ensure that nobody would need to miss it, hotels across Luxor are going to display the full ceremony on giant screens. These screenings will be held in accordance with all precautionary measures against COVID-19.

Celebrating the renovations that have been performed on the Avenue, as well as the Karnak and Luxor Temples on either side of it, Thursday's showcase will recreate an ancient Egyptian ceremony called the 'Opet Festival', which took place every year to represent the connection between the gods and the people of Egypt.

The Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee will broadcast the event on its official page, and has revealed that 82 international and professional media outlets will have access to the ceremony.