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Luxor Marina Opens as Hub for Floating Hotels

Luxor's newly opened marina was been built to accomodate floating hotels while containing a number of booths, pergolas and sights for guests and passersby to enjoy.

After two years of development, Egypt cut the red ribbon for the Luxor Marina, which is now ready to receive floating hotels for travellers along the Nile. The marina is made up of two sections, the first of which is 450 metres long with five berths for floating hotels to dock in, and the second of which is 750 metres long with six berths. The marina is decorated with sprawling murals that represent Ancient Egyptian scenes of fishermen, sailors and landscapes, which have been merged with flourishes of Arabic calligraphy. The port comes with six booths to serve citizens and guests as they come to and from the floating hotels, as well as 17 wooden pergolas.