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Marsa Alam From a Drone’s Eye View is The Best Thing You Will See Today

The Red Sea never looked so magical as when captured by Nader Makram, an Egyptian photographer who set some drones off to the wind to take some aerial shots for his video 'Marsa Alam Landscapes'.

Star Wars-like deserts, emerald green waters undulating to a tranquil wind, and pristine rounded huts dotted across the insinuating red-tinted sand. Although Egypt’s coastal town of Marsa Alam offers breathtaking views all around, never has it appeared as magically as through these drone-powered shots.

Captured and edited in only three days by Nader Makram, the video captures powerful and captivating shots of the coast of the Red Sea, where the symmetry of its white huts, its winding terracotta buildings, fishermen boats all around, padding boards, and sunbathers offer, a bird's eye perspective to the boundless beauty of Egypt. 

“Photography is not only the art of light, but the art of emotions and realism," says Makram, a medical doctor by profession and a portrait and wedding photographer by passion. “I started taking these shots because it is an incredibly beautiful place that I can't visit so often, so I decided to take some shots to show people how beautiful it is,” he tells CairoScene.

Marsa Alam - Egypt from Nader Makram on Vimeo.

 “I used a drone I’ve had for a while,” he explains. “It is very hard to steer it, but I had taken a course, so I was able to capture different places.” Despite there being a lot of restrictions regarding drone usage in Egypt, the photographer was able to obtain permissions and consulted locals to fly it in the area.  

From the Marsa Nakary village and the mangroves at Qulaan, to Ras Hankourab and Sharm El Luli, the video takes the viewer on an aerial tour of this remote, mostly virgin seaside town. “I want to discover every inch of this world. My feet get restless when I am not on the move or on the way to an exciting new destination. Travelling makes me feel alive,” he says through the video. The photographer is planning to release other videos from El Gouna, where he will travel soon.

To watch his next releases, follow the photographer on Instagram @nadermakram