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Mena House’s Special Day Use Rates Offer Perfect Post-Sahel Staycation

After the flash and spark of Sahel Season, Marriott Mena House has the perfect hangover cure with its special day use rates.

As summer wanes, school starts, routines are revived and the final stragglers in the mass exodus from the North Coast find their way back to Cairo, allow us to remind you that all is not yet lost. For now is the season of the staycation. Those living in Cairo can rejoice in the fact that one of the world’s most iconic hotel destinations – the Marriott Mena House Cairo – is right on your doorstep. Spending the day by the pool or lounging around 40 acres of manicured gardens at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza may be a bucket list dream for most, but for you dear Cairene it’s a day-use away.

Which brings us to the breaking news that the magical Marriott Mena House, Cairo is currently offering a day use package of EGP1350 during weekdays. A family of up to four people can share a room for the day while dipping in and out of the pool. And if you do find yourself partaking in this experience may we suggest you nip over to the Saray Spa for some post-summer treatments and round your day off with an Indian feast at the iconic Moghul Room.

Summer by the beach is great, but sometimes, there’s no place like ‘close to home’.

For bookings call +202 3377 3222.