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Most Tourists Visiting Egypt This Year Were from These 10 Countries

Our tourism is finally back on the rise and these are the 10 nationalities that are visiting us the most.

People who don’t live in Egypt want to visit Egypt. Who could blame them; we have history, nightlife, beaches, wildlife, and food for days. Unfortunately, in recent years, the tourism scene hasn’t been as active as it once was, but it’s picking up. With an increase in number tourists by 54 percent and an increase in revenues by 170 percent to 3.5 billion US dollars since January, the glory days are definitely making a comeback. El Masrawy were just as excited as we were to hear that news and put together a list of top nationalities to visit Om el Donia the most this year.

  1. Germany 

It’s a well-established fact, if you want to work in tourism in Egypt, you have to speak German, and with good reason. There's been more than six hundred thousand German tourists in Egypt so far, and they’re all probably on a beach somewhere on the Red Sea.

  1. Ukraine

It’s way too cold in Ukraine to spend the entire year there, and more than four hundred thousand of them chose to spend their winters in Egypt.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Three hundred thousand Saudi Arabians came to Egypt this year and seemed to love it so much they decided that they wanted to keep it for themselves.

  1. Sudan

More than 200 thousand Sudanese tourists decided to escape the heat in Sudan to our not-as-bad heat in Egypt and they are more than welcome.

  1. China

We’ve all seen the huge increase in Asian tourists in Egypt, but little did we know that around 179 thousand of them are Chinese.

  1. The UK 

We’re willing to bet the 174 thousand English tourists that visited Egypt in 2017 were all hanging out by the beach in Hurghada with the Germans and the Ukrainians.

  1. Libya

To the 170 thousand Libyan tourists that visited Egypt, who speak a different Arabic that we don’t really understand but it’s still Arabic, we say Welcome. We’re psyched to have you.

  1. The US 

For some reason, whenever Egyptians see and American on the street they immediately think spy. But really… the States sent 130.3 thousand tourists to spy on us? We don’t think so.

       9. Italy

Mediterranean countries love other Mediterranean countries and 128.2 thousand Italian tourists came to Egypt this year we welcomed them with open arms… and a dinner table full of food because do they actually think their cuisine is better than ours?

    10. Jordan

Jordanians love their wonders of the world, they even have one of their own. No wonder why almost 115 thousand Jordanians came to Egypt this year, they want to see them all.