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Nuweiba’s Boho Haven ‘Dayra Camp’ Sets Foot in Ain El Sokhna

Dayra Camp, a hub for backpackers on the shores of Sinai, is bringing their holistic philosophy across the Red Sea at Ain El Sokhna.

Sinai’s home for backpackers and adventurers, Dayra Camp, has set foot on the opposite side of the Red Sea in Ain El Sokhna, bringing their holistic philosophy closer to Cairenes than ever.

Dayra Camp is the love child of three co-founders - engineer Mohamed Serag, his partner Randa Said, and their friend Ahmed Abo El Seoud - who packed their bags and left the big city behind to make Sinai’s beautiful shores their home. After finding a piece of land in Nuweiba that was used as a garbage dump for over six years with no existing electricity, water, or infrastructure, they decided to set up camp and transform it into the lifestyle hub it is today.

The trio had frequented Sinai for over a decade before they committed to their dreams, inviting people from all walks of life to see the region through their eyes. Over the years, volunteers came in and added their contributions to the camp, eventually growing into a harmonious community, with jam sessions, art workshops and volunteering opportunities for artists and students serving as the life-force of Dayra Camp.

Although Dayra Camp hasn’t yet announced the opening date for their Ain El Sokhna location, you can stay updated through their Instagram account at