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Seven Serene Siwa Stays

The sands of Siwa offer a hypnotism of their own, but these stays are sure to intensify the drowse.

On the edge of the Great Sand Sea lies the most secluded of Egypt's desert oases. An ethereal outpost of olive trees, date palms, fresh water springs and technicolor salt lakes. In a land of magic, few spots are as awe-inspiring as Siwa. It will take you over eight hours to drive from Cairo, but paradise is worth the journey…


This exquisite ecolodge has hosted royals, celebs and jet-set wanderers - everyone from Prince Charles to Katy Perry. Their handmade earthen rooms disappear into the landscape inviting you to unplug (literally no electricity), unwind and unleash your dreamiest desert fantasies. Rates starting from USD540 per night through


Nestled at the foot of the Red Mountain - four kilometres from the Temple of the Oracle where Alexander the Great once visited - Taziry features 40 Berber-inspired rooms complete with ceilings made of date palms. Rates starting from USD147 per night through


A three-minute walk from the city centre, this is an idyllic little nature house and Airbnb with an eco-climate and furniture carved from palm trees. Rates starting from USD30 per night via Airbnb.


The only house on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, this Airbnb destination is a seven-bedroom, life-sized sand castle. Dream away the days amidst lush greenery and promise to never come home. Rates starting from USD32 per night.


Located near Cleopatra’s Pool (Spring of Juba), it's one of the few hotels in Siwa with electricity and wifi for a desert vacation without the cutaway from modernity. Rates starting from USD22 per night on


With a hot spring bath for holistic healing, a Turkish bath, beauty, health and therapeutic sand treatments, this getaway is truly good for the mind, body and soul. Rates starting from USD 37 per night on Trivago.