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Six Stunning Boutique Stays in the Middle East

Opulence meets antiquity with these exquisite Middle East boutique hotels.

From eco-lodges amidst desert dunes to designer escapes nestled by ancient monuments, the Middle East is brimming with beautiful boutique hotels. These are just six stunning stays to discover from across the region...


Jutting out of Mleiha’s silky golden dunes, this retreat is only able to accommodate 10 guests. Those who make it to this secluded getaway are immersed in authentic Bedouin living with total comfort. Rates starting from $245 per night for a double room.

FEYNAN ECOLODGE | Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

Perched on the edge of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, this enchanting lodge is a serene and surreal escape from the confines of the concrete world. Hailed as one of the best 25 ecolodges in the world by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, the solar powered lodge offers an intimate and almost sacred experience. Rates starting from $235 per night for a double room.


This swanky hotel boasts 30 stand-alone villas dotting the inner grasslands of a protected reserve off the coast of Abu Dhabi, where you can marvel at wild gazelles and strutting peacocks. Rates starting from $470 per night for a one bedroom villa.

THE MERCHANT HOUSE | Manama, Bahrain

Pamper yourself at one of Manama’s most cultured stays, featuring a massive library looming over the lobby, a fine repertoire of contemporary art and an exquisite rooftop pool. Starting from $185 for double room/night.

AL MOUDIRA | Luxor, Egypt

Only minutes away from the iconic Valley of the Queens, fashioned with traditional geometric mashrabiyas over its windows, this visually striking stay captures Luxor’s rich heritage through oriental antiques and folkloric motifs. Starting from $218 for double room/night.

MA’IN HOT SPRINGS | Sowayma, Jordan

A dramatic set-up hiding a literal waterfall and natural sauna cave in its centre, this stay in Ma’in Hot Springs will drown you in comfort with its soothing thermal treatments. Starting from $170 for double room/night.