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Tumbleweed Egypt: The Social Travel App Made For Adventurers

They keep saying that Egypt has all these hidden gems and cool places to explore and things to do - but where? Tumbleweed Egypt sets you up with the right people who have all the answers.

We all know how much Egypt depends on its tourism industry. Everyone also knows how hard it has been to keep tourists coming in the face of relatively recent political instability. Developers and entrepreneurs of Egypt have taken it upon themselves to revitalise the country’s economy with grassroots initiatives and apps. Seeking to use the power of technology and social media, apps like Tumbleweed Egypt are showing the world the wonders that are still waiting to be experienced here, sans the media bias. 

Tumbleweed Egypt is the first social travel guide app. Users log in and then select their favourite activities - such as hiking, windsurfing, sightseeing, rock climbing, and more - from a list full of eye-popping images of each activity. We may have never tried sand surfing before, but just seeing the image on the Tumbleweed app makes us quite interested.

The platform is centred around a hub where the users can join communities and share their experiences; it also connects users with service providers who can instruct, advise, and even lead trips. Called ‘Rangers’, these adventuring experts are constantly updating the app with new destinations and activities. 

Seeking to provide a comprehensive guide to all the destinations and activities that Egypt has to offer – both the popular ones and those hidden gems - Founder Adham El Sherei says the goal of the app is to “unveil the country’s true beauty.” 

Adham goes on to say, “The first thought that motivated us to move forward with this project is the feeling of responsibility towards our country, especially in such a critical sector as tourism.” Citing obstacles like the political and economic environment in Egypt currently, Sherei and his team are determined to do everything they can to help their country return to its status as one of the top destinations in the world. 

Tumbleweed Egypt is still in Beta, with the full version launching in a month. Check them out on Facebook and download the app on the App Store and Google Play