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Take a Flight this February with Our Guide to Perfectly Packaged Trips

From the sands of the Wadi Degla Natural Protectorate to the mountaintops of Brazil, these local travel companies are freshening up your February with some tremendous local and global trips.

So your New Year’s resolution is to travel more? We’re here to keep you on the right track with the coolest organised trips to take inside and outside of Egypt this February.

Sinai Grand Journey with Footloose

Date: February 10th - February 14th

Price: EGP 3,950

Footloose is heading to Taba, Dahab, and St. Catherine, where you will be able to soak in the beauty of Sinai’s beaches and mountains. Some of the activities planned include diving, snorkelling, visiting the Blue Lagoon, hiking Moussa Mountain, hanging out at Weshwashi Lake, rock jumping, and visiting Fjord Bay.

To book, DM their Instagram page at @footloose.egypt.

Brazil with Travista

Dates: February 20th - March 1st

Price: EGP 38,900

For ten days, see the top of the world through Rio de Janeiro’s Dona Marta’s Lookout, take a snapshot at one of the world’s most famous selfie spots at Corcovado, or take a hike through Saco Do Mamangua to take in all its breathtaking vistas.

To book, call Travista at 19294.

Siwa Oasis with Stamps

Dates: February 3rd - February 6th

Price: EGP 3,800

Be it the Temple of the Oracle, Mountain of the Dead, or Cleopatra’s Bath, Siwa Oasis is equally as rich in heritage as it is with nature. Float atop its salty lakes with Stamps and destress from the chaos of life in the capital.

To book, call 01 222 666 897 or visit

The Beauty Camp in Zanzibar with Travista

Dates: February 3rd - February 9th

Price: EGP 28,900

Tag along with beauty blogger Soraya Shawky’s ‘The Beauty Camp’ for an all-African, six-day experience in Zanzibar that is set to transform you inside and out. With the goal of helping you become happier and healthier, the trip will expose you to a wealth of beauty tips, tricks, and products.

To book, call Travista at 19249.

A Sky Full of Stars with Footloose

Date: February 4th - February 6th

Price: EGP 1,000

Enjoy a few days bustling with activities and delicious food and nights of stargazing and astronomy with the Egyptian Space Agency. You’ll be able to do astrophotography, enjoy a campfire, drink some Bedouin tea, and roast marshmallows. As for excursions, you can enjoy hiking Wadi El-Hitan’s mountains to catch the sunrise and visit their open-air museum.

To book, DM their Instagram page at @footloose.egypt.

Live Tribal: Sarabeet El Khadem with Wild Guanabana

Date: February 24th - March 1st

Price: EGP 5,500

This hike along the first long-distance trail in Egypt is breathtakingly beautiful. You will trek through the desert-like mountains of Sinai and see an all-new side of Egypt filled with stunning vistas, local culture, and an abundance of nature.

To book, visit

Along the Nile with Footloose

Price: EGP 3,950

Date: February 10th - February 14th

Visit the stunning Philae Temple and Abu Simbel, tour the old market, take a ride on a felucca, visit Geziret el Nabatat, swim at Barbar Beach, sandboard and kayak, and take in the beautiful Nubian culture during this all-Egyptian Nile cruise trip.

To book, DM their Instagram page at @footloose.egypt.

Siwa Adventure with Gazef

Dates: February 10th - February 13th

Price: EGP 4,900

Enjoy Siwa's unique nature, swim in natural hot springs, go sand-boarding, unwind in the salt lakes, and immerse yourself in off-road adventures and locals’ stories as part of this adrenaline-filled group trip.

To book, click through the link in bio on their Instagram page at @gazef.

Wadi Degla Adventure with Footloose

Dates: February 11th Price: EGP 500

If you don’t have the luxury of heading outside the capital this February, Footloose is going to Wadi Degla Natural Protectorate for a movie night, where they will camp out by the bonfire, and have fun with live music and group activities alongside a barbeque.

To book, DM their Instagram page at @footloose.egypt.