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‘Tasting Freedom, a Journey’ is Taking Travellers Deep Inside Sinai

The programme will take travellers on beautiful walks through the desert’s awe-inspiring scenery, on climbs through rainbow-colored canyons and most importantly, on journeys deep inside themselves.

“Deserts are the chakras of the earth and the Sinai desert is one of the most powerful places on our planet,” say the organizers of  ‘Tasting Freedom, A Journey’.

Using the vast otherworldly expanses of the Sinai desert as a powerful spiritual guide, this unique retreat is designed to help you find inner peace and maybe even higher wisdom.

Running from October 6th to October 10th, the extraordinary experience is led by the founder of ‘Healers & Guides’ Sherin Wafaai who is on a mission to make “healing safe and accessible in Egypt,” and powered by Marleen Hofman, the founder of Desert-Soul’, a small woman-led tour company organizing conscious travel that benefits local communities. With this trip the inspiring duo aim to mix between “head and heart, science and spirit.”

“You’ll be held in a safe space with nurturing guides and you’ll experience nature that takes your breath away while connecting with yourself and other people,” Wafaai tells #SceneTraveller. “It’s about learning through feeling. You’ll also be treated to the most incredible hospitality from the Bedouins.”

Travellers will journey through the desert-scapes between Dahab and Nuweiba, meander through awe-inspiring scenery, climb across rainbow-coloured canyons and most importantly, take a trip deep inside themselves harnessing the spiritual and calming energies of the region through self-compassion practices, breathing rituals, sharing circles and an array of healing-focused activities. “The overwhelming beauty of nature, the absolute silence and the sand that seems to absorb both sound and negativity makes you completely relax without having to make any effort,” enthuses Hofman. “You open yourself to everything and everything flows. That may sound vague to many people, but even skeptics feel it. In Sinai you go from your head to your heart automatically.”

The five day ‘Tasting Freedom, a Journey’ costs $587 (EGP 9,400) and includes three home-cooked meals, tea, coffee, water, a tent with a mattress, all excursions, water for showers and transportation to and from Dahab Paradise hotel.