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The Latest #ThisIsEgypt Video Will Make You Want to Come 'in' Egypt

You know how each country has its own local flavour? #ThisIsEgypt's latest video shows us that Egypt is truly an all-encompassing travel destination.

We all know Egypt is beautiful – probably one of the most exotic places in the world, even to us locals. In a time when the country is embroiled in political instability and economic hardship, it is easy to forget just what a gem Egypt is among the world's travel destinations, with never-ending finds and discoveries every day.

As part of the Egyptian Tourism Authority's #ThisIsEgypt digital campaign, which aims to encourage foreign tourists to come see just how truly awesome this country is, a new video has emerged showcasing the best of Egypt - every inch of its territory, no joke. The video explores Egypt's diverse and colourful cultural and geographic landscape, from coastal gems shoring up the Red and Mediterranean Seas, to Islamic Cairo and the pyramids of Giza. What the video doesn't show you, however, is that in these bountiful lands, there are always uncharted places to discover. #ThisIsEgypt for you, the gift that keeps on giving!