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The North Coast's Beautiful Boutique Hotels

Coronavirus may have slowed down our summer in Sahel, so instead of constant beachside parties we're taking the opportunity to appreciate the finer things in life - like these gorgeous boutique hotels.

Thanks to Miss Rona, Sahel has swapped its round-the-clock party sizzle for a slow simmer and we’re all for the older-school North Coast vibe. We’re also loving the spate of beautiful boutique hotels that have popped on those white sandy beaches. Think insta-inspired bohemian-chic with a touch of beachside glam. Here are our favourites...

LE SIDI // The too-cool-for-words couple behind lush lifestyle and dining destination The Lemon Tree & Co. has taken their passion for perfection and created Le Sidi in Hacienda Bay. Step into their world of fabulous food (sourced from an organic farm on-site), fabulous friends and ethereal experiences. Book yourself a carefully curated cabana (where everything is locally made, naturally) and settle in for the summer.

MAZEEJ WHITE // Nestled on the white sandy shores of Hacienda White, Mazeej Hotels invites you to “reconnect, restore, and revitalize.” Um, yes please. Four experiential pillars inspire the architecturally stunning spaces: balance, water, music and art. The latter is beautifully realised this season with an exclusive contemporary art exhibition curated by the aficionados at Art D’Égypte. The 34 lagoon-hugging rooms invitingly take their cue from nature, but may we suggest the ‘Beach House’ or ‘Lagoon House’?

THE G HOTEL // This is the boutique hotel that famously hosted J-Lo last summer and if it’s good enough for her, well… Aside from its celeb-status, The G Hotel is a haute-haven where music and art take centre-stage and the cool-kids can be found sipping on expertly crafted cocktails at the beautiful bar. Bag yourself a fully serviced ‘Shell House’ and never leave.

AL ALAMEIN HOTEL // Not really a new hotel per se - in fact it’s been famously nestled on the stunning Sidi Abdel Raham Bay for decades - but a recent makeover has ensured Al Alamein Hotel’s ravishing revival. It now leads the charge as one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in all the land with its cool contemporary interiors and whimsical touches like rustic boats and iconic Egyptian stars hung on the walls, and the insta-famous soaring metal umbrella installation on the beach.