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The Story Behind the Mystical E’Dajal Eco Camp

Situated in Sinai, the E’Dajal Eco Camp is no place to take your phone. It’s a close community for people who want to get away from it all, ensconced in Bedouin hospitality.

In a place far away from Cairo lies a mystical national park that was turned by the hands of a Sheikh into a primitive camp for those looking to disconnect from their world. In the early 90s, Bedouins discovered the location, and that's where "Dajal" name was coined. Then, Sheikh Auda started to bring tourism to the campsite, before his son Sheikh Deif Allah teamed up with Co-Founder Mohamed Salama to turn E’Dajal Eco Camp into a proper getaway.

Imagine this: You take a couple of days off from your routine in the capital, and give your colleagues an excuse not to call you because you have no signal. Sounds heavenly, no? That's what Dajal is all about; primitivity. The idea of going back to your roots without technology and living off of nature can be intriguing to many, and it caught our interest as well.

"I want to keep the element of primitivity intact without being commercial," Salama tells #SceneTraveller. He does not care to create a comfortable stay, for he is, in fact, quite selective with those he allows on the campsite. Think of it as a closed community of like-minded people who share one common goal of unwinding away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

After taking a bumpy ride to E’Dajal Camp, from your desired locations of either Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh, you'll step out of your 4x4 – or in the back of a Bedouin Truck – and hop into a tent. Don't forget to leave your phone in your bag and take in the wonderful views of the desert that extend over the horizon. You may take it out for picture purposes, but forget about making phone calls!

Reaching the camp may be much easier if you stay at Salama'sAdrenaline Beach Lodge in Sharm El Sheikh, and that is if you're not looking for an adventurous trip to the camp and would like to savour some last bits of luxury.

And not just desert is served at E’Dajal Camp – there are also beachy waves! The camp is settled on a peninsula with three beaches; the south beach is a sandy lagoon for kitesurfing, the east beach is studded with coral lines and soft dreamy waves, and the north beach features a mangrove forest accessible by paddle boards. You'll be tempted to dip in the waters upon sight!

"We always stay up late around the bonfire telling stories, then one by one, we start dropping, then we all wake up around sunrise," added Salama with a light-hearted laugh. Salama hints that the place carries more mystical spirituality than what meets the eye. At the end of the day, "Dajal" does mean two things; a part of a fishing ship, and witchcraft. Which one fits the name more? You can be the judge of that.