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The Wonders of Egypt’s Ras Mohamed Magic Lake

Situated on Sinai’s southern coast, the Ras Mohamed reserve is famed for its gorgeous shores, dive sites, and Magic Lake. Our comprehensive guide invites you to experience the magic for yourself...


The lake can change colours in an ethereal and awe-inspiring display of gem-like-tones - up to seven times a day. For the unromantic, the phenomena can be explained away by the sun’s position in the sky, but we much prefer the old Bedouin myth…

As the lore goes, magic lake served as a big wishing well. Bedouin tribes would come and swim in it for its healing properties, and throw gems in it while making a wish as they leave. This created a carpet of gems at the bottom of the lake, and with the movement of the sands, some of the gems would stand out and create the illusion of changing colours.


Magic Lake is one of the jewels of the Ras Mohamed Reserve, a natural 480 km square protectorate located 12 km south of Sharm El-Shaikh, with the Gulf of Aqaba to East and the Suez Gulf to the West.

Coming into the protectorate, you’ll be met with The Gate of Allah, a surreal architectural sight created by Egyptian soldiers in 1970 after dispersing the Israeli occupation of Sinai. On your way in, you will need to pay an entrance fee of EGP 50 for Egyptian visitors, or about EGP 185 for foreign visitors. You can also rent a car to escort you into the protectorate for EGP 20.

The shores of the protectorate lie between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Suez Gulf. Out at sea, you’ll be able to find a pair of islands known as the Tiran and the Sanadir, which are considered some of the prettiest snorkelling destinations in Egypt, a seafloor that seems almost like an underwater forest. You may just run into a giant sea turtle, dolphin or even a shark!


The Magic Lake is usually experienced as part of an organised day trip or tour departing from Dahab or Sharm  where the accommodation options are plentiful. If you choose to stay overnight in the Ras Mohamed Reserve options can be somewhat limited but worth the experience for the starry desert sky alone…

Bedawi Eco Camps

These eco-friendly tents come complete with memory foam mattresses. Lounge and connect with fellow travellers in the  communal Bedouin tent. Camping at Bedawi will set you back EGP500 per night including breakfast and dinner. A day-use at Bedawi costs EGP 230 for amenities and a hot lunch,، plus a guided tour of the reserve and a snorkelling trip. These prices exclude the mandatory park entrance fees which you’ll have to pay coming in. You can book by visiting their website at

Ras Mohamed Camping

Enjoy a private tent and three meals for EGP 600 a night. These prices do not include the reserve’s entrance fees and any activities on site. To book, you can call them at 0112 659 9982.

SinaCamp Ras Mo

SinaCamp Ras Mo offers double tents, breakfast and dinner for EGP600 per night. This price excludes any snorkelling gear and guided trips, which you’ll have to arrange yourself.  To book, call 0120 059 3543