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The World’s Largest Hotel Will Be Opening Next Year In Saudi Arabia

Because where else would it be opening?

With 10,000 rooms and over 70 restaurants, the 1.4 million meter squared hotel, costing $3.5 billion is said to be finished by 2017. Abraj Kudai, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy city that per year witnesses more than 15 million Muslims around the world in their journey of pilgrimage, will include 12 towers, 10 of which offer 4-star accommodation to those interested.

The other two offer a more exclusive 5-star experience reserved for the VIPs. Not to mention that the country’s royal family will be enjoying five floors to themselves.

The bad news is the hotel's opening might get a little delayed due to the country’s economic ripple effect, which is the result of last year’s low oil prices, according to Hotelier Middle East. The gigantic project will be resumed according to how well the Saudi government will be doing in the coming period.

The resumption will be seen by many as an indicator of the economic situation of the country and its resurrection.