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The World’s Only 360-Degree Infinity Pool is Now Open in Dubai

On the 50th floor of the iconic Palm Tower, the Aura Sky Pool offers unparalleled views of Dubai’s skyline.

It’s like you’re dangling your feet over the edge of the world. Two hundred metres above the streets of Dubai, you might feel apprehensive - possibly terrified - by the plunge. The sound of perpetually flowing water plays with your mind. It’s such a casual impossibility. The way it keeps falling and falling, never running out, never ending, it’s so alien, and yet, you’re there, seeing it, hearing it, dipping your feet into the Aura Sky Pool while the wind whips through your hair and the tallest buildings in the world pierces the skyline before you. You could walk in a full circle around the perimeter of the pool in search of some border, some mechanism, that would bring it down to earth for you. But the fact of the matter is, you’re swimming in the only 360-degree infinity pool in existence. It’s an illusion so powerful, you’ve no choice but to simply go with the flow.

Found on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower on Palm Jumeirah island, the Aura Sky Pool has the privilege to call itself the highest infinity pool you could swim in. Here you could play a guessing game, leisurely floating around as you point and try to name Dubai’s most iconic structures. The Dubai Marina over there, the Ain Dubai observation wheel over here... a few moments later, when you reach the other side of the pool, you could spot the Burj Al Arab hotel and then the monolithic Burj Khalifa, reaching even further into the heavens.

Once you’ve had your fill of awe - or vertigo, they’re very similar sensations when you get down to it - you can step into the dining lounge, where you can treat yourself to a menu masterminded by head chef Craig Best, the man behind Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Dubai. There you will be able to sample his unique take on pan-Asian dishes, such as sticky duck salad, Ponzu tuna tartare, Malaysian spiced ribeye, Yuzu yoghurt foam and matcha mousse milk cake.

While you’re at the Aura Sky Pool, making what you assume are humorous observations about the way those cars beneath you resemble ants from a distance, you could easily forget that it is not even the top of Palm Tower. It is only two floors down from the 52nd floor, the building’s highest point, where you could wander around a 360-degree observation deck to observe even more expansive views of the city.

The Aura Sky Pool is open everyday from 10 AM until sunset, with three time slots available: morning, afternoon, or full day. Tickets start from USD 46 per person, going up to USD 165 for the full day ‘VIP Island’ ticket. All bookings include a tanning bed, access to the dining lounge and a ‘bespoke welcome pack’. For more information and tickets, you can visit or email

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