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Travellers from 74 Countries Can Now Apply for E-Visas

Tourists from 74 countries can now avoid the airport hassle and get their visas online through the Ministry of Tourism's online portal.

Foreign travellers stepping into Egyptian airports will no longer have to begin their adventure with the hassle of scrambling for change to cover their visa costs and subsequently experiencing, perhaps for the first time, the jarring powerlessness that comes from being told, “mafish fakkah.”

Well, they may still experience all of that if they’re poorly prepared, but a new E-Visa Portal from Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism allows travellers from 74 countries listed on the website to apply for and secure their visas allowing entry into the country, all from the comfort of their homes.

Travellers can apply for single-entry or multiple-entry passes and provide the basic documents required, pay by card, and complete the whole process online. Just don’t forget that the E-Visa will need to be printed out and handed to the border officers and voilà, you’re in.