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Will This Website Fix Egypt's Tourism Industry?

Egypt just launched a new multilingual website - now you will know exactly where to take your khawaga friends as soon as they come to visit.

In a bid to boost tourism and provide a comprehensive guide to Egypt, the Ministry of Tourism teamed up with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to launch an online portal highlighting various touristic spots in the country, according to Al Ahram. 

Consider us pretty relieved, because let's face it, even we have had a hard time convincing our foreign friends to come to Egypt - Googling pictures of Tutankhamun's mask in order to wow them hasn't been working out so well. Recently the government has definitely upped its game in finding modern and innovative ways to showcase the historical and modern cultural richness of the country, such as through the #ThisIsEgypt campaign videos

The website, which can be accessed at, was just launched on Sunday. It works in 14 languages, is divided into four geographical areas of attraction and lists around 250 tourist attraction sites like Philae Temple, Siwa Oasis, the Citadel, churches and smaller guides to cities around Egypt. The site also provides information about Egyptian culture, cuisine (yay, dawood basha kofta!), a list of DOs and DONTs, key hotline numbers, information about visas and much more. You can even find specific things to do as a family or for a romantic couples getaway. 

The minister of Tourism, Yehia Rashed, explained that the website showcases the diversity and the richness of the country and aims at promoting the 'real image' of Egypt while helping the country regain its powerful touristic allure which has been dwindling in the last few years due to political instability in the region. 

In the future, the portal will also serve as a booking agent as it enables tourists to find and book accommodation online. 

You can follow their efforts and more of the #ThisIsEgypt campaign on Facebook and Instagram