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World's Largest Cruise Liner 'Utopia' Sets Sail in 2024

As long as the Empire State Building in New York is tall, Royal Caribbean's 'Utopia of the Seas' is scheduled to go on its luxurious world-class maiden voyage in 2024.

Miami's Royal Caribbean is releasing its sixth Oasis Class cruise ship dubbed 'Utopia of the Seas', which has taken the title of the world's largest ship from its sister vessel, Wonder of the Seas. Mind you, the other five Oasis Class ships are all ranked among the biggest in the world, so this new addition is merely yet another flex by the global cruise holding company.

Words out that after the cruise ship's construction is completed in 2024, the 362-metre ship will be as long as the Empire State Building in New York is tall! Utopia is expected to hold 3,000 cabins with a variety of accommodations to carry up to 10,000 passengers. With such large spaces on board, you'll definitely find yourself nuzzled in front of a brilliant view of the ocean. Unless you get seasick, in which case, Utopia really might not be for you.

But for those looking to go on the adventure of a lifetime, you'd be happy to know that Utopia is fuelled by natural gas in order to be as friendly to the environment as possible. More details are yet to be released, but judging by how luxurious the amenities are on the other Oasis Class ships, the Utopia is sure to follow suit