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12 Breathtaking Photos That'll Make You Want to Go to Shalateen ASAP

One more place to add to your travel bucket list.

A beautiful picture of Shalateen.

Some of y’all have heard of Shalateen, but to those who haven’t, let’s have an impromptu crash course. Situated in the far away Halayeb Triangle, Shalateen is a town that exists within a disputed territory between Egypt and Sudan. It has a population of 23,544 people, with most of them belonging to Al-Beshareya and Al-Abada tribes.

The beautiful city is home to countless natural sights -- such as Abo Ramad and Gebel Elba – which most people don’t even know about. If you haven’t been to Shalateen yet, you need to up your adventure game and get on it because it’ll certainly give you a spectacular view at untouched nature, exciting wildlife and gorgeous landscapes.


Meet with the friendly locals

Have tea with them

Support them by buying their work

Head out to the mountains

And take a minute (or 20) to enjoy the breathtaking scenery

Pretend to be Dora the Explorer and have a walk with your friends

Check out the beautiful wildlife

Whilst still being respectful

Then go on a hike

This is literally something out of the Lion King

Brb while we feast our eyes some more on how gorgeous Shalateen is