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This Company is Changing the Car Rental Game in Egypt Once and For All

Tired of shifty, lengthy paperwork just to get a set of wheels? Sixt is (finally) here to make your life easier.

Fact: Renting a car in Egypt isn’t exactly the most enjoyable activity, what with the whole signing of cheques with numbers you can’t count to, and the fact that you have to be a Schumacher in order not to get the thing dented and lose all that money you don’t have. Bringing Egypt's car rental policies to 2018 though is Sixt. 

The company is Egypt’s first streamlined and hassle-free rent-a-car. Forget cheques, contracts, and shady dealings. It is 2018 after all. You get their app (or zip over to their website), provide them with a valid driver’s license, your ID (or passport if you’re not from around these parts) and a valid credit card, pick your flavour of automobile (which contrary to what we though are affordable AF) and you’re good to go. If Sixt’s user friendliness isn’t quite cutting it for you, there’s a few extra goodies to go with it like full insurance for instance. If you're prone to getting yourself turned around, you can choose to have a professional driver. Got young ones? Never worry, Sixt offers both baby and child seats to ensure maximum safety. And if the 150 Kilometres aren’t enough for your journey, you can opt for an unlimited mileage upgrade. For those who want a bit of an upgrade, you can throw a little bit extra down for a different set of wheels.

Sixt doesn’t just make your rental life easier, it also has a history of its own; starting off in Germany well before the first World War and being one of the world’s first car rental companies, Sixt puts German ingenuity and professionalism into the car rental market. And thanks to their dedication to quality, they now operate in 118 countries with branches open in over 4,500 locations. That’s a century of premium service right here in Cairo. And it's about time. No more "who's going to Sahel this weekend?" posts. And good riddance. 

Make sure to get your hands on the Sixt app for Android and iOS and head over to their website for more info. Or just call 19670.