Nour Kamel
CairoScene's resident art nerd and all around weirdo. Third culture kid Nour 'Figgy' Kamel is Jordanian by blood, Canadian by birth, Egyptian by upbringing, Hungarian by refuge, Dutch by adolescence, and curious by nature. She most often refers to herself as a listener of music, watcher of movies, binger of Netflix, eater of food, seeker of knowledge, maker of art, teller of stories, lover of life,wasting-valuable-time-on-absolutely-nothing-worthwhile aficionado, and a constant work in progress. Over the years she’s acquired a number of unique skills such as having a spoon full of Nutella straight form the jar without anyone noticing, naming 27 food bloggers without breaking a sweat, pausing Nicki Minaj videos at strategic moments to make herself laugh, and knowing where Hadia Ghaliab is in the world at any given moment. Proud defender of the semi-colon and firm believer that in politics, nobody has a monopoly on stupidity. Can normally be found casually enjoying life and embracing the inappropriate.
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