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Yellow Ray is the New Zamalek Destination for Local Up-and-Coming Creators

Home to local handicraft brands, Yellow Ray is Zamalek’s newest joint for all the coolest accessories and home goods.

Opening its doors to the public just two weeks ago, Zamalek’s newest gallery Yellow Ray is host to some of the coolest pop-culture knick-knacks and thingamabobs Egypt has on offer. Founded and operated by Pierre Magdi - who is also the founder of Kazouza key chains - the young business owner opened the store in the hopes that he could give fellow local entrepreneurs a platform for success.

After launching Kazouza as a graduation project half a decade ago, Magdi struggled to get his business off the ground. “It took years for Kazouza to gain customers," Magdi told #CairoScene. "And I wanted to help other local brands have an outlet and platform—  which is something I needed myself at the time.” Now no longer a novice, having since gained the reach to sell his products at Virgin Megastores, Magdi found himself in a position to offer other Egyptian creators a jumpstart by selling their wares at Yellow Ray.

The gallery store is already home to a plethora of jewellery, accessories, home products and handicrafts. In their selection, you’ll find up-and-comers including Mask It, Luminaria Art, Cerah and Dikka - as well as Magdi’s own Kazouza.

Yellow Ray is now open in Zamalek at 52 Ismail Mohamed Street. If you can't make the trip, you can order through their WhatsApp service on 01229626997.